The Process

To start the process, please email me your proposal with as much information as possible about the project. This includes wall type, wall size, imagery, colors, location and any additional information you have. If you don’t have a specific idea yet, just let me know what the art will be used for and we can chat more about concepts!

If you have any reference photos that inspire you, please attach or link them in your email. References to my own work are especially helpful in letting me know how you would like your commission to look! If the project is something that we decide to move forward with, I will need a signed contract and 50% deposit before work can begin.

After receiving your deposit and signed contract, I'll create a sketch and send you a photo. I’ll then make a more refined sketch based on your feedback to the initial sketch. I’ll send you a photo of this second sketch to make sure we are on the same page, and then start the final piece upon your approval. If your piece is in color, I will provide a color palette or color reference for you to review before I begin. Once I start working on the final it’s not ideal to make changes, so please let me know your thoughts during the sketching phases! You get one set of revisions in your mural quote. This means that once the first final, color rendition is complete, one set of revisions/changes is included. If you need more than one set of revisions, it will be an extra $100 per set. When the artwork is completed, I'll send it to you and mock it up on the wall to make sure that you’re happy. After the final design is chosen, it’s time to apply the mural to the wall! Most murals take me 4 days to install, but this will change depending on size and complexity. During our initial consultation, we will go over time frames and agree upon dates for the installation.

I put a lot of time and energy into every piece of work that I create, and I appreciate your patience while I work on your art. If you have a strict deadline please give me weeks in advance and let me know the deadline at the beginning.

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Important Information


Pricing for murals depends on multiple factors including size, wall type, complexity, travel, etc. My minimum for mural work is $2000, but please keep in mind that your price may be higher depending on the factors listed above. Included in that price is a consultation, travel, materials, and one set of complete revisions.

Your quote will be based on what we discuss during the proposal phase, and the process outlined above. Adding elements not discussed during the proposal, requesting extra edits during the mural application may increase the total price. If you make a request that will increase the quoted price, I’ll make sure to let you know before moving forward with the changes.

Deposits & Cancellations

I require a 50% non-refundable deposit before any work begins. If you no longer want the mural at any point in the process, you may cancel the project, but I will keep your deposit. If at any point in the process I try to communicate with you and don’t hear back within 15 days, I will assume that you are no longer interested and your project will be canceled.


The policies and prices on this page apply to those who are looking for a mural installation. Please be aware that I will still own the copyright to the image I create for you, and may decide to reproduce the design in any form. You may not reproduce the art without my permission. If you are looking to use the mural design for commercial purposes, please let me know when requesting your mural. We can talk about licensing fees if it applies!